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Customer Service is the new way to sell.

The heart of every business

Customer service is at the heart of every business and making sure the right call gets to right person at the right time is easier than you think. In Today’s competitive market businesses need the right tools to support customer centricity, customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.


Customer Service is the new way to sell, outbound agent scripting and diallers are just some of the tools that can help.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a communication partner that will support you and your business through the design of a contact centre.

The UK Contact Centre Industry now employs over one million people in over 5,000 contact centres so there has been a fair bit of thought gone into designing the right technologies. ICA have a team of specialist that can offer support and advice for all your contact centre needs. Our team will guide you through the essential checklist needed before you consider a contact centre, we will help you understand the jargon and the different technologies claiming to ‘revolutionise your business’.

We will help you identify those technologies that are essentials such as Agent Desktop, ACD Call routing, Call recording, Campaign management, Workforce Management and Multichannel Communications to those on the contact centre managers ‘wish list’ such as Speech analytics, Call backs, Scripting and E-learning. We can start with a simple Erlang calculator to estimate the number of seats you may need.


Multi-Channel is the use of multiple channels to interact with your customers this can be anything from a voice call to an online web-chat, an emails or an SMS.

In practice these conversations can occur separately and with social media as the ‘go to channel’ to compliment and complain having the facility to monitor multiple communication channels will be a must have for all contact centres by the end of 2020.


Sounds the same as Multi-channel and it is but rather than separate and discreet communication channels, Omni Channel provides seamless switching between channels with real time awareness and knowledge of all of the actions in any channels. Omni Channel is significantly more complex than multi-channel.


Contact Centres that handle sensitive information have a duty to protect the customer from fraud by not recording those details. Contact Centres have a responsibility to be PCI Compliant. There are three main options available with todays technology, Automated ‘pause and resume’ software recognises when a contact centre agent transfers into a payment window and pauses the recording.

Automated ‘mute and unmute’ technology, similar in feature set to ‘pause and resume’ but the call is muted to both the caller and the agent whilst the agent is in the payment screen, unlike the pause and resume which outputs two separate recording files this option outputs only one.

Keypad payment by phone from Syntec increased PCI compliance as it further prevents the agent from having any visibility of customer details taken within the payment screen. Mid call the agent requests that the caller enters card details using the key pad on their phone, this masks the DTMF touch tones and therefore the card details.

There is of course another option and this is to outsource to a third party payment company and remove the hassle all together.

Campaign Management
using a Dialler

Using an outbound dialler solution can double the number of effective calls that an agent can make per day increasing productivity but there are a couple of considerations to make. Outbound Contact is possibly the most regulated area of any contact centre, using a predictive dialler can create a risk of generating ‘nuisance calls’ when the dialler successfully makes a call and there isn’t an agent available to talk.

Choosing a dialler needs careful consideration one key function is the ability to manage different dialling methods such as predictive or preview.

Outbound dialling software should also include pacing algorithms to regulate the number of outbound calls to agents.

Sourcing a dialler that has the capability to blend inbound calls to outbound agents when call volumes increase, this can significantly improve resources and service levels.

Technologies we use

To build the right contact centre, you need the best suppliers. Here are some of our chosen technologies.

Alongside our technology partners Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Mitel, ICA is able to provide well thought out contact centre solutions. We align ourselves with industry leading providers so that we can offer the best possible solutions and support for our customers. This is why we are trained and accredited and we feel that they lead the way in the industry when it comes to Contact Centres and robust enough to eliminate downtime and improve agent efficiency. With enhanced features on each platform, it is our job to cherry pick what will work best for your business set up.

Alcatel, Avaya, Mitel

Avaya: Multichannel Customer Interactions

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Customer Service Web Chat Interaction

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