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Your business communications are no longer delivered from a ‘box’ in the comms room, communications solutions now include IP, UC, Hosted, Data, Mobility, Fax , SMS, webchat, virtual agents, call recording, Multi-Channel, Omni Channel, Interactive Voice and some even still offer traditional voice. The choice of technology from hardware and software manufactures is vast, companies selling and deploying the technology is endless which means choosing your communications partner isn’t easy.

Google can find you a thousand companies to sell you the same technology but the journey and experience along the way can be very different.

Whatever your communication needs, ICA offers a strategic partnership to ensure all aspects of your solution are considered and respond to what your business actually needs. Managed and delivered by certified project manager’s guarantees projects, however big or small, are delivered on time, within budget and quality is managed throughout the life cycle of your project.

ICA specialises in all aspects of communications from Calls and Lines, Mobiles, Data Circuits, Unified Communications, Hosted Telephony to multi-site contact centers.

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