You Wouldn't use a Plumber to Rewire your House?

17th May 2021


Business as unusual

The new normal. It’s here to stay, at least for a time yet. And while we’ve all done our best to adjust to the office home, the remote working technologies adopted during successive lockdowns are starting to ask more questions than they answer. It’s time to take stock. 


When all you have is an IT support hammer, everything looks like Microsoft Teams

For example, if you already use Microsoft Teams then you’ll know how great it is – to a point. Ideal for internal comms, Teams lacks the serious business telephony for external use. For the serious business telephony must haves like: 

  • Call queuing
  • Queue callback
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting 

Those smart contact centre features you expect aren’t there, that (eye-catching) low per seat cost can quickly begin to feel like a false economy as you buy more and more licenses for more and more seats – but don’t get any extra functionality.

Which is why you’ll see so many IT teams working so hard in the background trying to plug in all that missing functionality. In effect, IT specialists trying to become telecoms specialists.

When all you really need in the first place is…

A telecoms specialist. 

All the latest presence technology so you and your team can work effectively wherever you are. All the tech you need to properly manage homeworkers and remote agents in a professional contact centre environment.


Benefit Pack

  1. Business Agility

Quick, flexible, cost-effective UCaaS rollouts and updates. Scale new services and new functionality as required.

  1. Increased Efficiencies

Budget-lite and resource-lite implementation and support. Live, scaleable Opex UCaaS relieves your IT of having to manage inefficient onsite systems and means you are always using the latest, most efficient cloud comms technology to grow your business.

  1. Increased Reliability

Secure, resilient, SLA supported cloud services that you can rely on to run your business 24/7. 

  1. Disaster Recovery

UCaaS secured Disaster Recovery Planning including duplicated or protected in off-site storage means that your business is prepared to sidestep even the worst of worst case scenarios.

  1. Greater Mobility

The BYOD explosion means your remote/home office UCaaS users can now download device apps for “on-the-go” and “location agnostic” connection. Consistent, high quality, convenient and cost effective – wherever you are.

  1. Increased Collaboration

And because UCaaS lets your team work anywhere they can instantly chat, set up on-the-fly video and voice conferences, share and exchange documents, and engage customers in real-time – from anywhere. Agile, collaborative communication that customers love.

  1. Better Customization

UCaaS allows you to scale and scope of your comms set up to meet your exact needs. Flex your comms functionality to suit your evolving business model


And to enjoy all of those benefits?

Choose a telecoms team that uses technology to deliver Hosted UC, rather than a technology team trying to figure out how Hosted UC hangs together.  

A team that leads with communications.

A team like ICA.