The Future’s Not What It Used to Be. But It’s Still Bright.

16th December 2020



Have you stopped and taken stock of the last nine months? In January this year, we all had huge plans for our businesses’ futures. Big dreams

Sure, there were whispers of some sort of flu bug in China, but that couldn’t change the business landscape in Britain, could it?

Turns out it could. And those plans, those dreams were quietly popped on a shelf while we all learned about furloughs and social distancing. 

No, the future’s not what it used to be. And maybe those big dreams might want to take a back seat for a little bit.

But with some pragmatism and modernisation, the future can still be very, very bright.


It’s all too easy with hindsight.


Industry experts have been nudging businesses towards digital investments for over a decade. More modern methods of working, ways of selling online, of keeping data safe while people work from scattered remote offices. Ecommerce, cloud deployment, remote working. 


We all knew these things were on the horizon. We just didn’t know they’d be crucial for the current post-Covid survival mode that businesses find themselves in today.


With hindsight, it’d be oh-so-easy to wish we’d had the foresight for a sweeping “digital transformation.” 


But don’t kick yourself just yet. Because here’s the secret.


Digital transformation isn’t transformative


Most so-called “digital transformations” aren’t in fact transformations. They’re modernisations. Incremental changes that all add up to a more robust present and a more rosy future.


Moving your applications out of an on-site data centre and into the cloud isn’t transformative. It won’t change what your business does. It’ll just make it easier to serve clients remotely. Switching to web-based communications tools isn’t the sort of thing your customers will even notice. But it’ll make it easier for your teams to work from anywhere. And implementing a brand new eCommerce suite won’t change the fact that you sell products. It’ll just make it easier and more pleasant for your customers to buy online.


Most transformations aren’t transformative. They’re modernising. Forward-looking. Ways to invest the limited funds you have now that’ll pay off down the line. No matter what happens.


It’s time for a little pragmatism


They say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second best time is today.


The same goes for modernising your systems and infrastructure. The best time to implement new technologies in your operational systems or communications infrastructure was probably 18 months ago, before Covid started to spread.


It’s all well and good dreaming of a time machine. It’ll get you nowhere. Instead, let’s be pragmatic. The second best time to modernise is right now. Retooling your systems with new technology will make you more efficient, more effective sooner than you’d think.


Operating costs can start to come down in just a few months, leaving you ready to face the new challenges of 2021 head on with a leaner, more prepared business. 


Because the future’s not what it used to be. But if you start making the right changes now, it’ll still be very, very bright.