The Best Way for Bestway

27th April 2021

Case Studies

Who are Bestway?

Bestway Retail is the UK’s largest franchised off-licence and convenience chain, with more than 2,000 colleagues and over 800 stores nationwide.

The business challenge  

Bestway’s Retail Support was struggling with aging legacy solutions from multiple providers – an unsupported, inefficient telephony system and an over-priced, over-spec’d Cloud IVR system for customer service.


The ICA solution

The company needed to consolidate suppliers and find a Cloud based solution. We recommended Avaya cloud telephony as the optimum solution for the current and future needs of the business.


How we work at ICA

Using Prince2 project management, we identified all relevant sponsors and third-party suppliers. We understood Bestway’s customers needed uninterrupted service – so we put support in place for the existing system and extracted all users and routing as a base to work from. The two systems were run in parallel while we fully tested the new solution – which was easily adopted thanks to the training videos and an onsite trainer we provided.


The outcome: Expectations exceeded and £100k saved

ICA worked tirelessly with providers to resolve challenges around VPN and hosting. Due to issues out of our control, we implemented a local failover, to mitigate any failure from other parties, ensuring Bestway would continue to function. The result: a successful implementation that exceeded expectations – and Bestway saved more than £100k on their telecoms spend.

Customer testimonial

“We are extremely happy with the final result. The implementation of the Avaya system has been a huge success, taking £100k off our bottom line and increasing our capacity. ICA were quick to understand our business challenges, recommend solutions and do everything in their power to deliver an excellent outcome.” Anthony Shaw, IT Service Manager