It’s Not What You Know. It’s How You Know It

2nd December 2020


Knowledge is power. So the saying goes. And at a time when businesses are looking for every possible advantage, a little more knowledge is very powerful indeed.


But all information comes at a price. With knowledge management solutions, that price is a literal one - the financial cost of a solution and a vendor. But it’s a price that customer service organisations are more than willing to pay, because they know it’ll power their future success.


But when it comes to insights about your customers and what they’re thinking, how you come by that knowledge is just as important as the insight that you’ll glean. With budgets limited by pandemic-related uncertainty, you’ve got to know that the solution and the vendor you’ve chosen is the right one.


Is knowledge management the right choice?


The first thing to consider is whether you need a knowledge management solution. Yes, knowledge is powerful, but only if it’s the right kind. 


It’s no good knowing trivia that won’t help push your business forwards. Which is why you should focus your efforts on a knowledge management solution that:


Empowers your customer service agents: Agent knowledge is a key driver of customer service success. Until recently, knowledge management focused on giving your agents curated content to keep them clued-up on the basics of what your customers need to know. 


Now, with machine learning, personalisation and intent derivation, your agents have access to journey-specific content that means they have more knowledge than ever to guide and support your customers. 


Satisfies your customers: We’re all a little anxious nowadays. Especially when it comes to spending money. 


By providing self-serviced information to your customers, a good knowledge management solution reduces that anxiety and improves customer satisfaction - all while cutting the number of enquiries made to your contact centre.


Sets you up for lasting success: If your agents are educated and informed, and your customers are educated and informed, everything gets a little easier.


Launching new products and features? Easy. Adopting best practices and onboarding new clients? Easy? Retaining customers? I think you know the answer to that. 


It’s simple to see then that this knowledge is very powerful. But where will you get it from? How will you know what you need to know?


The four kinds of knowledge management vendors


By choosing an expert vendor. And that’s exactly why ICA exists  - to find the right vendors for your specific needs. There are four broad categories, and depending on what you need to know and why, we’ll manage a full solution from one of them:


Specialist Knowledge Vendors: These vendors focus on one type of robust, stand-alone solution to give you plug-and-play knowledge.


Customer Service Vendors: They don’t specialise, but these vendors have knowledge solutions as part of their more diverse offering - perfect if you have broader customer service needs.


Digital Engagement Vendors: These experts drill deep into what your customers say and search for, analysing journeys and behaviour to help guide the conversations that your agents have.


Collaborative Knowledge Vendors: Two heads are better than one, and there’s wisdom in a crowd. These vendors unlock that wisdom with crowdsourced knowledge to be implemented throughout your whole company.


Need a steer? We’re here


From those definitions, you should already be coming to your conclusions about whether you need to invest in knowledge management, and which type of vendor you should be on the lookout for. But if knowledge really is power, why not get a quick power up from ICA?


We’ll be happy to share what we know, and guide you towards the right choices. After all, we know what we’re talking about.


How? Hard-earned experience. And that’s something we’d be delighted to pass on to you. 

For more information please get in contact with a member of the team.