IoT (Internet of Things) - It Sounds like the Future doesn't it?

19th May 2021


IoT (Internet of Things) – it sounds like the future doesn’t it? 

It’s a future that’s already here.

It’s a future built on data, on devices and on mission critical connectivity.

Built on exactly what ICA specialises in.


Real time streaming of live mission critical IoT information

IoT is already helping businesses all over the world create new products, supply new services and drive competitive advantage. Here are just some ways that you might already be using or thinking about using IoT to grow your business:

  • Industrial IoT – monitor machinery in even the harshest of industrial environments – real time preventative maintenance and performance sensors for operational efficiency, quality control and cost savings
  • Medical IoT – device, patient and medication monitoring enables quick and decisive intervention. Assisted living and elderly care support technology can warn of  unexpected activity – for example a kettle or light not being switched on in the morning 
  • Wearable IoT – from FitBits to augmented reality eyewear that guides users through a repair or installation 
  • IoT for the home – that makes homes safer, more efficient and more comfortable, with smart lighting, thermostats and alarms – the intelligent home
  • IoT as backup – Use, 4G, 5G, and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks as backup for wired connection failures
  • IoT as security – from security fingerprint and ID sensors, surveillance cameras and wearable security tech 

With IoT set for huge growth (Gartner predicts 43 billion IoT devices up and running by 2023) how are you planning to use it in your business? 

However you choose to use IoT, we can help. 


Specialist IoT and SIM support

Did you know that IoT devices use specially developed SIM cards to connect devices? Cards offering stronger network connectivity, better security, and more flexible data management.

Mini, micro, nano and embedded, they differ from traditional SIM cards in a number of important ways:

  • IoT SIM cards are often able to switch between multiple carriers to maintain connectivity. 
  • Data limits and network preferences can be configured remotely so you can bulk manage multiple SIMs 
  • Significantly lower data requirements mean that it’s possible to share data plans across multiple devices.

With so many SIM options revolving around device type, network and environmental conditions it’s important to choose the right IoT communication partner able to give you the right IoT advice. 


Choosing the right IoT partner

Whether you already use IoT and want to build on it, or you’re exploring the many ways that the IOT can revolutionise your business value, remember, your IoT is only as good as your connectivity. 

Don’t take chances. 

We already support clients across healthcare, logistics, security, construction, transport and manufacturing with new IoT technology. 

We help them monitor, measure and manage important performance data more safely, more efficiently, more creatively, and more profitably.

We can help you too.