ICA - Education

25th June 2019


ICA support schools, colleges, and universities in their engagement with students, academics, staff, and parents.
We do this by building close relationships with our customers, helping them navigate the parameters of existing infrastructure, offering unique and intelligent guidance to help achieve digital transformation goals.

ICA have identified three key requirements of today's educational institutions:




ICA understand the importance of parent-school partnerships which is why ICA have gone one step further with ParentConnect. ParentConnect is a next-generation messaging service which seamlessly integrates with your telephone system and iSAMS, delivering excellent communication, providing extensive information at your fingertips and gives parents constant peace of mind.


Deep Dive Session


We know how important it is to review your existing technology to ensure that any benefits can be realised in the short, medium, and long-term. Old, outdated technology can disrupt your progress both now and in the future. ICA hold a deep dive session to thoroughly realise your network infrastructure, allowing you to make informed decisions to benefit the school for many years to come.



WiFi Monitoring

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, with more and more children owning smart devices. With technology increasingly being used to teach the curriculum it is paramount that the management of content on students own mobile devices is of concern to senior leaders in the school. With a managed WIFI solution we are able to monitor usage and patterns of activity for individual students, run reports on individuals, and block specific web addresses. This gives you the relevant data in order to be proactive rather than reactive when assessing the content your students access.