Covid-19 - The Road to Recovery

5th June 2020


For very many of us the Covid-19 crisis forced us to suddenly adapt to having an entirely remote workforce. Technophobes became tech experts and we’ve all experienced one or more unwanted family interruptions during a zoom conference.

For some more traditional organizations, sending their teams home was a direct response to emergency “stay at home” orders finding that the hardest part to manage was not the technology or connectivity, but the culture shock.

As we ourselves step into the post-coronavirus future we are also trying to find that balance between what worked before and what needs to happen next to succeed in finding the new normal. What we have found is that working together when you are in fact alone is dependent upon the ability to communicate effectively and although businesses have been thinking about collaboration flexibility and inclusion for years, for us Covid19 will accelerate the changes that foster these values.


What Worked for us?

Being an agile organisation has certainly been the key to success for ICA, realigning our processes and our people with our technology has delivered positive results and we hope that our service to you has continued to reflect this.

As we journey down the road to recovery, we hope for all that the road ahead looks less perilous than the road travelled. To ensure that you and your business navigates over the bumps we’d like to accompany you on this journey to advice, assist and add value wherever we can so please call on us, we are here to help.

Almost the entire team is back at ICA and although we are not yet back at HQ we wanted to share with you what measures we have put in place.


What's New?

Our Risk Assessments have addressed how we will utilise space, room and desk occupancy and facilitate social distancing throughout the building.

We have hand sanitisers stationed around the offices, desk wipes and personal bins.

The importance of washing and provision of facilities have been addressed and we have swapped hand dryers for paper towels.

No more brewing for the masses the team will be using their own mugs and making only one brew at a time.

As much as we love visitors, we are keeping this to an absolute minimum for the time being to help in the prevention of risk.

Our team are now available for site visits to resolve faults and complete installations but to keep us and you safe we will be sending a health declaration prior to confirming a visit.

Our engineers have been equipped with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser.

If you would like a copy of our risk assessment or our COVID 19 Guide, please let us know.