Chester Races Day Out

30th June 2018


ICA Head to the Races

Here at ICA if we work hard, we play hard. Recently the whole team have been performing tremendously, and what way to celebrate than to hire a coach and head over to Chester Races for a team day out. With no talk of business and a chance for everyone to let their hair down at the expense of company director  Pam. On a Lovely summer's day the team were fresh faced and ready to go, all except our Head of Marketing Dayen who was nursing a 'severe' hangover.  The team arrived at the racecourse at 11.30 AM after a heated debate over the coach was classed as a mini bus or a full sized coach for parking purposes. After grabbing a quick refreshment and after getting settled in (and finding each other after the team became separated into two groups) it was almost time for the first race. Head of Marketing likes to see himself as a Racing enthusiast and was keen to share his tips with the rest of the team. With his first tip Urban Aspect winning by over a length in the first race resulted in most of the ICA team with a bit of extra money in their pocket, this increased as his second tip Tanasoq won comfortably. What a great start for the team! These wins were accompanied by two more big winners on the day for the team. However it is true in saying what comes up does come down. As reversed placings as a result of a stewards enquiry in the 3.05pm race left Salesman Harry arms and head deep in one of the bins, looking for what he thought was a losing bet slip. Although the heat did seem to take its toll on one of our engineers Callum, who after insisting on continuing the flow of alcohol on our return home, decided to have a 'sleep' five minutes into the journey, sleep tight Callum. harry

Overall this was a fantastic day and a few drinks at the Elizabethan topped off a great day out for ICA. Thank you to Pam  for the day out and thank you for the whole team for their amazing work ! keep it up team.