Are You Being Overcharged on Your Business Mobile?

11th August 2021


Mobiles are something that all people are familiar with, so why are we all on the wrong tariffs, this is especially the case when it comes to Business Mobiles. For example, research by Sky News found that business mobile customers were being overcharged by almost half a billion pounds in 2018 & research from AT&T states 85% of SMB’s use smartphones to improve productivity for business-related tasks. 

For most businesses, the use of a mobile gives the users the ability to send and receive texts, e-mail and make business calls from any location. Business mobiles should allow its users to function from any location with the ability to use office apps anywhere in the world. It should empower its users to act as if they are in the office, despite being out on the road or away in a foreign land. 

This state of converged mobile and office functionality is often achieved through the application of appropriate tariffing from the carrier to encompass the relevant airtime and data needs of its user. Ofcom reported that we are currently using 25% more data per month in 2019 than we were in 2018. However, 67.3% of mobile users are currently using less data than what they pay for.  

Is it time for the major network providers and business mobile suppliers to analyse each user, considering each users day to day working life and tailor each data plan around the user's businesses and personal needs? 

Here at ICA, we not only manage your tariff throughout your contract we will ensure you are not over-paying with a full tariff check free of charge whenever you request one, from as little as £18 per month. We can give Unlimited 4G and 5G data, calls and texts, with no hidden T&C’s or upfront costs, contact a specialist now.