An Update Regarding Covid-19

26th March 2020


Key Workers ICA continue to assist

It’s clear to all of us by now that these are unprecedented times. They are confusing and are shaping businesses in a way that has never been seen before and hopefully never again.

As we all embrace the idea that the way in which we will work will be different throughout this pandemic. Exercising business continuity and contingency plans is something that is with us now and not something to plan for.

This means business as usual but not normal.  At ICA we are actively working to ensure that all of our clients are up and running and have smooth connectivity as possible, for people working from home in multiple locations.


What does this mean for our clients?

  1. Remote working from multiple locations
  2. Ensuring that each person is connected and have appropriate hardware such as headsets to make sure that people are comfortable with working remotely
  3. Making sure diverts are in place so that your customers, suppliers and partners can easily access you
  4. Enabling the download of apps with ease to improve working practices
  5. Sharing free APPS that will support you in working more easily with remote working
  6. Making sure calls can be routed through selected platforms such as Microsoft Teams
  7. Potential issues with other comms suppliers connected with your business that are experiencing mobility issues

For clients that are already on hosted systems the process is easier, but we are working with a number of businesses that have on-premise systems, to get them up and running.


From a business perspective, whilst things are changing, we must ensure that we maintain a great customer experience and our customers and suppliers must be mindful of this for all their interactions. 

We continue to work with our suppliers to get as much value for contracts that are in place so that we can then pass those cost savings onto our customers.  We will keep you updated on a regular basis. 

Our principal support to our existing clients however if your suppliers or other comms providers are having problems which is having an impact on you we are happy to give support and advice.  Contact us on 0330 100 0810 on email us on: