3 Voice Features for Outlook Mobile that You Might not Know About

15th July 2021


Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Index annual report illustrated how the digital intensity of workers’ days had increased substantially. Email is no exception, with the number of emails delivered to commercial and education companies increasing 40.6 billion over the past year. 

This intensity is showing no signs of slowing down. As businesses around the world move to a hybrid working environment, people are working together across a range of scenarios – onsite, remote and on the go – it is important for people to be able to easily connect and get tasks done on their mobile devices.  

Microsoft have recently invested in voice capabilities that allows people to communicate and manage tasks whilst they are on the go. Here are three voice features which have been added recently to Microsoft Outlook for mobile. 

1. Use your voice to schedule meetings in Outlook mobile 

You can now use your voice to tell Microsoft’s virtual assistant “Cortana” to schedules meetings. Cortana uses AI to quickly contextualise your request so that you can easily find the right files, connect with the right people, or manage your calendar using your voice.

2. Use your voice to do natural language searches in Outlook mobile 

You can use outlook for more natural searching to surface content in Outlook mobile. For example, “Find emails sent to David with attachments about the Q2 project budget”, without needing to rely on key search terms. 

3. Use dictation in Outlook mobile 

This allows you to now use your voice to respond or write new email messages using advanced speech-to-text whilst on the go. Dictation recognises the names of people you work with, allowing you to get more work done in shorter amounts of time – with increased ease and control. 

Microsoft Outlook is included in Office 365 which includes a multitude of Microsoft apps for your business, including; Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Excel and OneDrive. For more information on Outlook and Office 365, contact us today.