Lets map out the journey together.

We’ll take care of any potholes along the way.

Every solution responds to a business case from one new employee without a phone to a complex multi site contact centre with 1,000 agents, and at ICA your business case is the starting line.

Our pre-sales team need to understand what the business requires, why and when. Only when this is documented and agreed can we commit to deliver and meet your expectations. For some businesses the only requirement is preparing the business case and we are okay with that too.

To prepare a business case a member of the team will spend time in the business conducting a deep discovery day and this is important so no secrets!

We aim to fully understand each of the key business functions, engage with key staff and identify all stakeholders. We aim to understand who and what is driving the business decisions.

Our discovery day can be conducted as a workshop, a question and answer session or record key data via a survey with departmental heads and don’t forget reception, they can often hold the key to communication success.

We might even pop the bonnet and take a look inside and if an upgrade will enhance performance we promise not to try and sell you a newer model. Once we have a solid understanding of the business our team will work with your business to map the process to the people and any proposed technology.

We will conduct a feasibility study across leading vendors to evaluate and compare which technologies best respond to the business case. Once prepared, a good business case should be at the nucleus of your entire business providing the vision for all to share and at the end of your project can be your tool to measure the success.



Deep, thorough investigation of business obstacles & aspirations will be carried out to understand the situation.



A tailored solution based on business needs will be created, in line with ISO 9001, 14001 standards.



All projects are implemented and managed by our in-house PRINCE2 practitioner.



We plan the delivery of all projects to optimise cost and time efficiency.


Support & Maintenance.

Award-winning customer service only 3 rings away throughout your time with ICA


Learn & Optimise.

In this fast paced industry we continuously analyse and refine our work.

An award winning team

Our awards are recognised for our hard work and support within the telecoms industry. After several years of runner up awards, we finally tasted winners success in 2016 at the comms business and comms national awards. Appraisal isn’t everything, but it drives us to carry on providing fantastic customer service and prioritising each client. One of our biggest achievements is knowing our very first client still remains our client.

Our Awards

Tailored Solutions

Planning, installing and maintaining connectivity.

Working closely with you allows us to generate a solid understanding of your business and how it needs to operate. No matter how big or small your business is, we have the expertise to plan and integrate first rate communication solutions. If you are looking for a hosted or on-premise phone system, managed IT services, leased lines, reliable internet connection or looking for competitive rates on your calls and line rentals, then ICA are here to help you achieve the perfect set up. As communications advisors, it’s our job to unify the right products and solutions for you whils’t trying to minimse cost, environmental impact and a multitude of providers.

We are ISO 9001, 14001 accredited ensuring a high quality service through and effective Environmental Management System framework. All of our projects are implemented through a PRINCE2 framework by our in-house certified practitioner.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Prince 2

Great People produce great things

Our team always focus on providing value and a great service to our customers that helps establish meaningful long term relationships. We’re highly skilled and have customer service awards under our belt.

Our excellence is built upon a foundation of outstanding customer service, one that is unchallenged. Our Comms National Award was for Nine Customer Service Award Winner 2016. This was recognised for our efforts to optimise customer experiences and our pledge to NOT use automated agents, outsource our customer service desk, direct you to FAQ’s, use automated chat software or keep you waiting in long queues. We prioritise all of our clients so that they can communicate with a skilled human being that will work with you there and then to get things solved.

Highly Experienced Team

As a fully recognised Alcatel-Lucent and Avaya Accredited Partner, ICA specialise in providing OpenTouch, OmniPCX, Enterprise and IP Office solutions for the SME and bluechip market. Our Alcatel-Lucent engineers are trained to AFCE Expert Level and are experienced to a minimum of 25 years in installation and support of all Alcatel-Lucent Platforms including the Enterprise. Our Avaya Engineers have been specialised in the IP Office platform since it’s inception and are Avaya Certified Solutions Specialists (ACSS) - as high as it gets. Because telephony and Information Communications Technology are very closely linked, we also have a team of IT technicians that make sure on-premise or cloud based systems run to their optimum as well as managing and installing CRM and third party web based systems that can communicate with your telephone system.

As a team, we have the correct balance to clearly understand your requirements and to deploy and manage technologies that meet those requirements.

Alcatel-lucent Enterprise
Del Partner Direct

Success is led by the power of communication.

Being a group of problem solvers that work closely together, everybody on the team is heavily involved in providing customer solutions and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Let’s create something wonderful together.

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