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Long story short…We are independent communications advisors delivering business solutions across the uk.

Why are we different?

In an ever changing industry that can be known for unethical practices ICA’s ethics have remained unchanged for the last 21 years. ICA has a code of ethics that are not for marketing purposes and are more than just moral values and principles, they are what determine all of our commercial activities.

Our team have established a niche for honest, down to earth communications advice for business, taking advantage of the huge advances in technology and presenting our customers with bespoke, joined up solutions to meet modern day multi-channel needs and help their customers’ businesses thrive.

We take time to fully understand your business needs and some of the challenges that can arise from varying expectations across different business functions. At ICA we respond to the people and the processes to integrate the technology.

We also know that there is an extensive choice of communication providers offering similar technologies. The technologies we understand will always be comparative in offering, the service however we know can be worlds apart.

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Our team is our most valuable asset. We believe in an engaged workforce that feel motivated to helping shape customer visions.

The gap between what technology is on offer from communication technology vendors is narrowing daily whilst the choice of those communication providers only widens.

There is an ever bigger gap between how customers perceive customer service and how suppliers perceive the service they provide. It’s all about the journey. How voice or data gets from A to B is the same. The experience along the way is different.

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